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Both my son and daughter went through AMS. The teachers are so kind and thoughtful. They know when to encourage growth independently and when a child might need more of a helping hand. The kids helped grow a garden, feed a fish, and we got to go to a pumpkin patch! We will miss our time at this wonderful place.

Aundra Tomlins. August, 2020

Sending our daughter to Starlight Montessori is undoubtedly the best thing we have ever done for her.  The advancements she has made in speech, motor skills, and sports have been nothing short of astonishing.  The teachers and classroom also reinforce our values at home including good manners, being polite/kind to her peers/respectful of adults and a good family citizen.

Kathleen Hitchcock. May, 2019

My 2 year old son couldn’t love the school more. He cries when I pick him up and always asks to go to school. His teachers Marnie and Amanda are the most dedicated and gifted teachers I’ve ever seen. My very active boy is able to concentrate for extended periods of time as the result of his amazing teachers. His vocabulary went from 20 to 500 words in a matter of months. I constantly notice new things he learns at school. After touring the school, I knew right away that this is the perfect preschool for my kids and I was 100% right. I can’t wait for my daughter to start in the spring and tell everyone to go there

Mila Veber. December, 2017

My Youngest baby big girl went to starlight school and she had a great time learning, meeting other kids, being herself, the owner and staffs are simply fabulous, equally prepared to teach any kids in any situation! thanks

Peter. February, 2016​